Gold Medal Safety Padding

Gold Medal Safety Padding is a specially compounded synthetic resinous material with Fire Retardant additives.

Product Details

Gold Medal Safety Padding Personal Safety Room

Gold Medal Safety Padding is...

Virtually Seamless

Fungus Resistant

Fire Certification

Smooth But Non Slip

Easily Cleaned

Product Details

Gold Medal Safety Padding is a tough, resilient padding system providing maximum safety with minimal maintenance that has been used around the world for the last 40 years.
Where other products are modified to try and offer a solution Gold Medal Safety Padding was invented and designed specifically for use in safety rooms with its formula, manufacture and installation techniques unchanged for over 40 years.

In this time, apart from external circumstances, not one of our rooms has needed to be replaced due to the product ageing or failing – it will last the life of the building. The rooms can undergo repairs and maintenance that will bring them back to a virtually new state.

Gold Medal Safety Padding is used extensively throughout Police, Correctional and Medical Institutions for the safe keeping of those persons who, through drug or behavioural problems, are assessed to be at risk of causing harm to themselves or others or be destructive to their surroundings.

Gold Medal Safety Padding can be installed in existing buildings or included in new construction. It can be adapted to fit any style of room. Standard or split doors, cameras, intercoms, waste grills or sprinkler outlets, can all be incorporated within this product.

For those rooms that require minimal protection, Gold Medal Safety Padding can be applied to floors or beds only. This will provide a safe environment for those not classed at risk of self harm.

We work with owners, Architects and Builders to develop safe environments that not only protect the room’s occupants and the facility staff, but also reduces worker’s compensation injuries and mitigates overall litigation for the facility.

Product Description

Gold Medal Safety Padding is a specially compounded synthetic resinous material with Fire Retardant additives.

The first layer of urethane foam is poured onto a timber backing board. The timber provides a stable platform for the urethane and a fixing plate.

Once cured it is sectioned into 2.44 x 1.22 metre sheets.

The wall panels incorporate two compositions, with the bottom layer of foam providing the softer component required for withstanding impact and allowing compression, and the top layer of urethane resin providing the strength and protection against serious damage.

Wall pads have a nominated thickness of 25mm consisting of foam plus resin with a 12mm strand board backing – overall nominal thickness is 37mm.

The floor pads are manufactured to ensure protection is still provided but can be configured to suit several different situations. Seams and fixing holes are filled with a resin compound and once cured are sanded and painted with Gold Medal urethane based paint. This provides virtually a seamless finished surface

Floor pads have a nominal thickness of 16mm consisting of hard material with a 10mm strand board backing – overall nominal thickness is 26mm.

Weight is approximately 30kg per square metre.

Product History

William H. Nieder founded Marathon Engineering Corporation in the spring of 1973. After working the rubber industry for 3-M, and running a sports surfacing company based in Redwood City, Mr. Nieder saw the need for a high-quality safety padding within the correctional and health facilities.

From this idea, he developed Gold Medal Safety Padding®, which takes its name after the Gold Medal Mr. Nieder won in the 1960 Olympics in Rome. In addition to winning the Gold in the Shot Put in 1960, Mr. Nieder also won the 1956 Silver Medal in the Shot Put in Sydney.

Since its inception in 1973, Gold Medal Safety Padding has been installed in thousands of seclusion and detox cells in prisons and jails, safety rooms, suicide prevention and emergency rooms in hospitals and health facilities, and time-out and calm down rooms in other facilities. Specialised installation crews ensure Gold Medal Safety Padding is fitted to maximise its benefits and minimise opportunities for injury or damage.

For over 30 years Martin Green has been responsible for Australian and International sales establishing a network of agents who are trained and motivated to provide safe solutions for our clients

Gold Medal Safety Padding is the most recognised and specified product for use in Personal Safety Rooms Worldwide.